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How to control a laser from your phone

BEYOND has many tools and features, however there is one that people are commonly unaware of, OSC. In short, OSC is a communication protocol that can be used as a way to communicate between your lasers and BEYOND, as well as other applications such as Ableton, Cubase, and Resolume. For laser show designers, having to take a bunch of hardware on the go can really be a pain, but most everyone owns...

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Beam Attenuation Map

In this video, we are providing you with an overview of our patented and award-winning Beam Attenuation Map (or BAM for short). The BAM allows you to define safety areas within your laser shows, whereby the brightness of the laser projector will be reduced by a specified amount when projecting into that area. This safety feature helps to ensure that those viewing your laser show are safe, and it...

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Pangolin Beyond on different Apple devices

Pangolin Laser Light Software on Apple Mac

Since PC´s and Macs exists next to each other, there have always been user preferring the one or the other operating system platform. Creative people like Apple hardware People in the creative environment like to work with Apple hardware and so get in contact with the MacOSx operating system. Creating and performing laser shows strongly involves creativity and some laserist work on hardware made...

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Tutorial FB4 features in Pangolin BEYOND 4.0

The new Pangolin BEYOND 4.0 as professional laser light software brings along a lot of new awesome features to give all the creative laserist tools to bring their imaginations to life. But software only, as perfect as it may be, is only half of the story. You also need powerful ILDA capable laser controller hardware to realize the commands that come from the mighty software side. So software and...

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BEYOND 4.0 – Multimedia Mixdown

With the new BEYOND 4.0 laser show software update, you will now be able to export an AVI file, directly from the timeline. This is a great tool to use as a preview of what a laser show or multimedia show might look like. You can also share the file with clients, or potential customers as you see fit. In our latest tutorial, Mike Dunn shows you some in-depth examples on how to use BEYOND...

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DMX Control Features Tutorial Pangolin BEYOND

In this three tutorial series for the professional Pangolin BEYOND laser light software, we like to get more in depth about the DMX control features within the laser software to control laser light projectors like fixtures from a DMX lighting console. Nathan Miller, long term Pangolin BEYOND user and known from some other great Pangolin BEYOND tutorials on our Pangolin Youtube channel again...

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Laser Snow with Pangolin BEYOND laser light software

Its the time of the year when the weather gets colder and the sun just lights up for a short time …..the perfect time for projecting laser snow. What else?! This little tutorial will enable you to generate your own personal laser snow with the professional Pangolin BEYOND laser light multimedia show software. No matter if you like to use it in a laser light show or for outside house / room...

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Advanced Color System Training in Pangolin BEYOND

Have you ever wondered why the laser light output for graphics does not exactly match the colors on your computer screen? This can be caused by different elements like different powerful laser diodes, different diode driver settings and not to forget the non linearity of laser diodes itself, to just name a few. If you are not a specialized laser technician, you never should open the laser...

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Stack laser projectors increase brightness reduce flicker Align the inner Grid

How to stack laser projectors to increase the laser output brightness and reduce flickering

In this video tutorial John from Laser Ninja Productions shows how to create one laser output image from several stacked laser projectors.  The tutorial video has been recorded at the Comic Con 2017 at the Alamo City. The intention was to run a laser marquee for the people coming in to the event. John was in a kind of unique situation as he just sold off all of his really high-powered laser...

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Create Beam Effects Tutorials

How to make custom laser beam effects

Laser Beam Shows are considerably the most popular type of laser show that can be created. And the more professional the nature of the laser show taking place (for example a large festival, concert, tour, or theatrical event) the more detailed the laser beam effects need to be, to ensure they match the theme of the event as well as the other lighting being used. There are two types of laser beam...

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Synchronizing laser shows and music

More and more, people are fascinated by laser light shows. With the different colors, shapes, and patterns that can be created, laser shows can truly take over an event, helping transport people to an entirely new realm. Creating laser shows and synchronizing them to music used to take a lot of time and skill. But thanks to new features inside of Pangolin Laser Show Software like QuickShow and...

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Laser Show Software

Learn how to use laser show software and laser control hardware to run laser shows in auto mode.

In this blog post, we are going to show you how to use Pangolin laser show software, and laser control hardware, to run laser shows in true “auto mode” with no PC or console, connected in the setup. To begin, you need to choose the laser show content you want to display, from laser show software like Pangolin QuickShow or BEYOND. Inside of QuickShow and BEYOND laser show software,...

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